Keep Your Head to the Sky

I really don’t know why I wrote this… Maybe to help y’all, maybe to admit depression is STILL very present in my life. I grew up in a household where happiness wasn’t a priority. I was often times made to feel as if my desires for happiness were equivocated to desires for sewing singing mice (As in Cinderella). My mother… Read more →

Friends with Exes

People have lead me to believe that not being friends with your exes is a sign of immaturity. And, I must admit that I’ve mistakenly gave in to this erroneous notion. Now, there are some exes and past flings I can be friendly with… Honestly, there are like 2 I consider for-real friends. By for-real friends I mean we can… Read more →


2018 So, 2017 has come and gone and there’s one more year behind me where I’ve been less than productive in my creative realms. Sure, I knocked hella goals out when it came to SLAY…. But, somehow my baby, my BLOG fell by the wayside. I am a master of checking myself before I wreck myself (word to Ice Cube),… Read more →

Tired of First Dates

I know I’ve said time and time again that I’m “done dating” and me being the lover of love that I am- I’m rapidly smitten by another woman. Here’s the thing I’m hella tired of awkward interactions and first dates. For the first time since my breakup with Little Miss Lesson Learned (crazytown) I think I’m PREPARED to love again.… Read more →


Not just one, but MULTIPLE Sclerosis

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) nearly 5 years ago. While wrapping up a relationship that had gone to shit and working an unnecessarily stressful job. I have relapse remitting Multiple Sclerosis; so I go through times of rough patches and other times I’m completely “fine” (as fine as someone whose immune system is literally attacking their body can… Read more →


From here on….

Fuck me, I’ve been distracted. So distracted in fact that I wrote a post singing the praises of a woman then deleted her post. Over the last month or so I’ve been revaluating my approach to romance… until I can figure out how to balance my creative life (LML and SLAY) and dating I will have to either date differently… Read more →