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Friends with Exes

People have lead me to believe that not being friends with your exes is a sign of immaturity. And, I must admit that I’ve mistakenly gave in to this erroneous notion. Now, there are some exes and past flings I can be friendly with… Honestly, there are like 2 I consider for-real friends. By for-real friends I mean we can… Read more →

So much hate….

I’ve struggled for a few days with this post as I know I have a social responsibility as a LGBT blogger and as a human to speak out during times like this. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the immense amount of hate displayed at Pulse nightclub. Just knowing that we have people that lost in the… Read more →

the day doves cried

Like most 80’s Babies I was raised on Prince’s music (and movies), I vividly remember the 1991 MTV Awards and the yellow suit with the butt cheeks cut out, I even remember rolling my eyes at my Mom to the lyrics “maybe just like my mother-she’s never satisfied” (btw, she isn’t). Prince’s passing made me realize just how influential he… Read more →