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rants… of a more ranty variety

Who made this shit up?! Stud “rules” and why they suck

    After much conversation about this topic with my stud friends I think it’s time to delve in to the sticky sweet waters which is “studdom”. I feel it’s a quagmire of a topic because there are so many unwritten crazy rules to the game that are somehow in concrete yet concurrently fluid. Being a ladyboy lover myself I know… Read more →

alone NOT lonely

ok, I am a recovering relationship addict… for the most part of my adult life I’ve been in committed relationships. When I’m not in a relationship I’m usually booed up in some capacity. This became so evident that a friend labeled me a “serial monogamous”. Longing for companionship the way I did/do is unhealthy for many reasons- most prominent being:… Read more →

What is closure?

*disclaimer* This post isn’t funny- hardly witty and wont be jammed packed with cursing- I’m improving on me-if you’re not interested in personal growth of yourself/others this isn’t for you. As always… IT AINT FOR EVERYBODY I personally have a problem with closure- I feel like I haven’t gotten it in the breakups where I needed it most. But really… Read more →

Bitches be Crazy, no?

Ok sorry for the hiatus- I honestly just didn’t have much to talk about. Until recently that is. After having an unwarranted cyber run in with a crazy ass female I thought to myself… “gay bitches are nuts!” Like even straight bitches are a little loopy on average but when it comes to lesbians its outta fucking control! In all… Read more →

Lesbians… we all know each other, no?

Hey little lesbians- I’ve been thinking about the Six Degrees of Separation as it applies to lesbian interactions especially in Atlanta, GA. In case you don’t know anything about the Six Degrees of Separation theory let me give you a little lesson. Six degrees of separation is the philosophy that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of… Read more →