whatever is going on in my love life, or shall we say like life… warning this may dry up

hindsight is 20/20

So after being removed from all of my exes and past situations for a while I’ve gained a bit of clarity on our interactions. After gaining a bit of clarity I realized that most of the little misses were wrongly named be it due to me naming them while mad or still smitten. Some names will change for the better… Read more →

e-dating or whateva

I’ve been pretty much single since November 2013. I mean have I been dating here and there but no one has been my official “Little Miss”. Sorta early in my single life after consulting my then turn up twin Supe in regards to my romantic boredom and how Little Miss Lesbo would dry up with no new Little Misses I… Read more →

Somethin’ New

Okay… I know I’ve been missing a little bit… shits been crazy between work, trying to plan for this book and a new Little Miss! I haven’t been seeing her long but so far so good so I thought why not talk about her on here… right? Okay, so let me set the scene. I was dating here and there… Read more →

Love with no contingencies

con·tin·gen·cy noun a future event or circumstance that is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty. “a detailed contract that attempts to provide for all possible contingencies” : synonymseventuality, (chance) event, incident, happening, occurrence, juncture,possibility, fortuity, accident,chance, emergency“we’ve tried to imagine and provide for all possible contingencies” o    a provision for an unforeseen event or circumstance. “a contingency reserve” o    an incidental expense. “allow an extra fifteen percent… Read more →

Little Miss Serendipity

So this was the second valentineless Valentine’s Day in a row for me, and I was totally fine with It. I have literally no interest in awkward “romantic” rituals done out of tradition by someone who doesn’t love me. I spent the day doing normal shit and spent the evening with my friends/family most of whom are single at  Miya… Read more →

Its Not Me- Its You.

Last week I was at Bible Study when I heard something that really stuck with me “Just because they aren’t for you doesn’t mean they are a bad a person” Sounds like a simple thought for most; but for me personally I have a really tough time cutting people off who are generally good and probably GREAT mates for someone… Read more →

2014 resolutions

Ok, I’m back- yes after yet another hiatus. I really needed to collect my thoughts and quite frankly get my love life together. Let me give y’all a quick catch up. I started back dating Little Miss Asshole, she moved in and everything. Things still just couldn’t work out; I don’t think either of us was fully committed to making… Read more →