Dykie Adventure

formerly Pieces of me: pieces of my life that have a lot to do with my lesbianisim. Life is an adventure right? some are just more dykie than others :)

I changed my mind

  My desires are fleeting… I’m not one to commit too much (clearly- with this blog) But one thing I’ve always been sure of is this- I’d like to be married and I want to be a Mommy. Since childhood I’ve dreamed of being a mother. That is one thing I’ve always been sure of. Being a wife is something… Read more →

As of late I haven’t been feeling like blogging- like at all. It’s like SLAY has grown tremendously. I’m hella excited about SLAY’s upcoming 1 year anniversary (OCT 2nd). I until extremely recently was in a relationship unlike any I’d been in before with a woman that shall be called Little Miss Daddy (LMD). I really didn’t know how to… Read more →

I’m 30 f*cking one!

Welp- yet another one of my friends has gotten married and one of my closest friends Kat just gave birth to my sweet precious niece Kaleah. I am truly happy for everyone living “the dream” I am. However, while scrolling through Facebook and arguing with my girlfriend about some arbitrary ass bullshit I realized I’m 31 and moving at a… Read more →

31 and hella fun

So I just had a birthday and was super preoccupied with not having yet another shitty birthday. As you all may recall from previous birthday post my absentee father died on my birthday. It sucks mostly because him not being around before was his choice- Now it’s never going to happen. Anyway in efforts to refocus April 1st on me… Read more →

Grace under fire

Ooooh the enemy has been busy at work baby! “They” say the enemy is always coming for people who are moving in their gifts. Between LML suffering due to my writer’s block and some group of promoters hijacking the name Slay Atlanta for their party. These issues would’ve knocked a lesser woman off her game- lucky for all of us… Read more →

My friend, my Ex

So, I as of late I’ve been very unromantically friendly with one of my exes. Since our traumatic breakup we have grown into friends. Often times when I’m in a difficult headspace she’s the first person I call. Little Miss Lesson Learned (fka Little Miss Crazytown) and I were together during a pretty grim time of my life which was… Read more →

a different Thanksgiving

  I am randomly not into Thanksgiving…. Something about celebrating the taking of land, spreading of small pox, and killing of the indigenous people of said land just doesn’t sit right with me. Despite my love of cooking and Thanksgiving being a holiday of gluttony, for some reason I can hardly bring myself to cook a Thanksgiving meal. Luckily my… Read more →