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Slay is a once monthly party Iโ€™ve been throwing for the last two months. Its been well received by the community for a new party independent from all other already established promotional companies. The vision is simpleโ€ฆ a dope party with a super ill DJ (my sis, Boogie Lov), with great photos (photographers to date Vol1- Urban Scope Vol2- Chriss Clark) with well dressed women who love other women and other queer folk.
Iโ€™m hella proud of my party and that people enjoy it. So proud that Iโ€™ve committed more of my free time and to handling this business venture, so much of my creative energy and talks have revolved around Slay that I have a nasty case of writers block. So Instead of a witty blog post I will tell yโ€™all about SlayAtlanta.com . Iโ€™m not saying there will be no post HERE about Slay but Iโ€™d like to post slay pictures and Videos there. You guys can feel free to email me at slayatlanta@gmail.com to stay in the know or visit here and the slay tab. Pictures from both parties below- if you are NOT winning!

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