Whats really good EeJay?

Okay, okay I know I took yet another break from blogging for a little minute. I honestly rather put nothing out than put out something with little to no meaning to me. So tonight Iโ€™m ready to talk about where the hell Iโ€™ve been and what the hell Iโ€™ve been up to.

I got into a serious funk
– Like a legit funk. I uncovered the filthy truth about someone whom I had an insane amount of respect for. And without going into too much detail she is now fucking with someone who she said was and I quote โ€œis late, thirsty and disgustingโ€ for years. Now if I canโ€™t trust who Iโ€™ve deemed to be the realest nigga in my life to always keep it 100 how am I to know which way is up??

I went home for Christmas
– I had a lovely time- I randomly havenโ€™t been home since I moved back to Atlanta in 2010 for a woman (uggggghhhhhhh). I got to cook for my favorite girl, my Mom, for an entire week. We visited Napa Valley and all of our favorite wineries. I got to spend a little time with my Auntie and saw my siblings for the first time in a looonnngggg time.

I went to Taste
in my jacket from Little League and the Doc Martens the fuck nigga gave me. And danced like a Broadway ready Disco Queen.

Iโ€™ve been networking
and making plans to improve current moves Iโ€™ve been working on and some brand new ventures.
Moral of the story is this- Iโ€™m human as fuck and as we all know Iโ€™m super sensitive. I let shit that has nothing to do with me really distract me and thatโ€™s my bad. No matter how quiet I am on here I am NEVER EVER NOT WORKING. Iโ€™m happy that my circle got smaller- Iโ€™m okay cause it got stronger.
Ps: Im dating or whatever
Till Next Time (music and pictures below)
My feelings are best expressed through song…

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