Hey Kittens! Welcome to the NEW AND IMPROVED Little Miss Lesbo- It’s growth season! I enjoy blogging so why not get serious about it? In these Lesbian Streets, I answer to EeJay… Is that what my Mother named me? No, but its preferred. I am not only a card-carrying Lesbian I am the (self-appointed) Lesbian Liaison. Not only am I enthusiastically Sapphic… I curse and drink frequently (white wines, bubbly and whiskey), and I’m very passionate about God. I am a Chai Tea aficionada who takes great pleasure in tea time, Lattes made with Cuban coffee are also my jam and cooking is one of my many talents.
I am a recovering undercover over-lover. I thought romance and love were worth the incidental pain and distraction. I even dubbed myself the HopeFUL Romantic as I thought hopeLESS was a word that had no business anywhere near romantic. I have subsequently have become a HOPEtard- unintelligent with hope. I am unfortunately a fool for love and declare I’m throwing in the proverbial towel of dating each time my heart endures yet another ding.
I am the curator of an event called SLAY. As of now SLAY is an event I only throw when the urge hits. Party promotions isn’t as fun or easy as one would think, the politics of it isn’t my jam. I am currently collaborating on a day party event called Drip with a couple of local powerhouses.
I’ve decided to get serious about recipe sharing seeing as though the cookbook is nearly complete. I hope you all enjoy LML as a well-rounded experience. I’m randomly into hella shit that I’ve never really shared on here such as: Natural Hair, DiY projects, random hangouts, occasional snap stories and what it is that makes me-ME (intro Side B)
Most of my passions are short-lived and wavering- this is a good one so Imma keep it going. My punctuation is all over the place not because I don’t know any better- but because it will help you read in the cadence in which I speak… I truly hope my blog is enjoyable and hell, maybe even helpful to you… if not, I mean…whatev.
I can’t promise everything on here will be 100% accurate but it will be totally how I see it.

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