Sweet Kittens! How I’ve missed you! Welcome to the new, NEW-NEW Little Miss Lesbo- It’s growth season (still)! Chile… depression, mismanagement of skill and time were running rampant in my life! Now that things have improved personally for me I thought it would be appropriate that I find my best way to fit my passions into one place. In these Lesbian Streets, I answer to EeJay… Is that what my Mother named me? No, but its preferred. I am not only a card-carrying Lesbian I am the (self-appointed) Lesbian Liaison. Not only am I enthusiastically Sapphic… I curse and drink frequently (white wines, bubbly, tequila and whiskey), and I’m very passionate about God. I take great pleasure in lattes made with Cuban coffee, minding my business and photography.
Life as a recovering undercover over-lover has damn near took your girl OUT!. In the past I’ve loved love more than she ever loved me, so Now I am focused on me, being a Down Ass Bitch to myDAMNself! Like, these funky so-called suitors haven’t been able to make the cut. Dating is not a focus in my life so it won’t be the focus here anymore.
Previously this blog was mainly focused on dragging my exes by their well-worn sport bras. I’m not going to say that’s dead but now it will be more about self care, self love, and self preservation. This time it’s about me, I’m into so many more things that y’all know about it’s about to get…. a little more sophisticated in this bitch!
Most of my passions are short-lived and wavering- this is a good one so Imma keep it going. My punctuation is all over the place not because I don’t know any better- but because it will help you read in the cadence in which I speak… I truly hope my blog is enjoyable and hell, maybe even helpful to you… if not, I mean…whatev.
I can’t promise everything on here will be 100% accurate but it will be how I see it, promise