The demise of Little Miss Asshole

As I stated in my last entry she and I were winding down. Her snarky comments really started to cut deep and be reminiscent of the days of little miss crazytown (my ex). Mama thought it was ok to say stuff like “you ain’t goin nowhere” I’m not really sure how she could even feel comfortable saying some shit like that considering we weren’t together and were physically 2,000 miles apart….NEWS FLASH it doesn’t take much effort for me to quit you given the facts. Oh btw I tried to keep her totally anonymous but she had a minor blow up via twitter I laughed, that was bitchy of me but….. Blah I don’t care, yet.

So in short whatever that was is now done. No more Lil Miss Asshole. I hope we can be cool again one day, like july 2014.

Exit Little Miss Asshole: Enter Little Miss Love Song