Little Miss Can’t Keep a Bitch

So I’ve been thinking… maybe I’m one of those girls who thinks too highly of themselves. If we’re going to be honest I can’t keep a bitch. Or perhaps I cant keep the ones worth keeping but still that’s something I need to explore. A while ago on my tumblr I talked about how people should come with a list of their side effects an idea I got from Dimples (thanks again, 3 years later).

I know myself well. I curse like a sailor, my attitude is nothing to play with, I can be a nag, I’m also not great with forgiveness, I tend to be a bit cocky, my patience is beyond thin and lastly I tend to see things my way… almost always. Now for the good: I’m smart, I love The Lord, I’m not ugly, I can cook, I’m well spoken, ambitious, funny, my ass is huge (in a good way) I love a good time and I’m a DOWN ASS BITCH I can really go on all day!

I do truly believe that my good qualities outweigh my bad qualities. But why is it that good girls run for the hills when I can’t shake the dogs for the life of me?!  I honestly don’t know if I’m going to solve my issue through this post but I guess its all in good fun.

I conducted a quick little survey on two of my exes; One being Little Miss Crazytown and Little Miss One Who Got Away (one day I will go more into depth about her). I thought it might be good to talk to two of my ex-lovers to figure where I may have went wrong so that net time I might have a fighting chance with love . I didn’t edit their answers in anyway I hope this will help y’all grasp their characters better

So I had to edit this post due to the havoc it caused with both of my exes. Now let me say this: I honestly didn’t intend to upset anyone. It was all cool just two days ago, now people that I care about are upset. While I think (as do most of my readers) that this was an AMAZING and informative portion of the post. but whatever, its down now. This is the ONE and ONLY time I will edit any post for anyone. WHEN YOU VISIT MY BLOG COME WITH THE “IT AINT FOR EVERYBODY” MINDSET PLEASE.

So thats that. One is clearly a dickwad and the other one isn’t… you be the judge. They did help me realize that I’m obviously NOT delusional .. my good outweighs my bad by far! So now what? Why am I single?! Bitches be crazy… THATS WHY!

Till next time

Little Miss Lesbo