BITCH KILLED MY VIBE-the time I didn’t protect my magic

There’s a really Dope movement I am a huge fan of where people are being urged to ‘Protect Your Magic’ this movement is headed by Fadia Kader. I probably should’ve gotten Fadia for an interview so yall can understand more about the movement. The reason I live for ‘Protect Your Magic’ so much is because magic is made personal not some mystical thing. I believe wholeheartedly that MY magic is my newfound kindness and my creativity. If my magic is truly the aforementioned things I’ve done a pretty shitty job at protecting it.
I’ve habitually dated women who don’t support my writing or anything associated with it. The woman I most recently dated (go back if you can’t remember her name) basically told me “You’re and artist; and the problem with artist is that they are dreamers, not doers”. Mama basically insinuated that my cookbook (which is well underway) will never get done and that I can’t be trusted to be a parent due to my dreaming. AND I STILL KEPT DEALING WITH THIS WOMAN like a dummy!!! Not only did I keep dealing with her I ALSO started to adopt her train of thought.
My magic is my responsibility and no matter HOW good the sex is and how much a woman likes my cooking or how much she loves the Lord I can’t be distracted from my goals (cause a bitch has major goals). In efforts to keep my post more frequent and shorter so y’all don’t get bored I’mma drop it here.
Bye you little Lady Bitches

My feelings are best expressed through song (kinda)