Side B

but wait… there’s (so much) more!

So, I’m open with y’all on Little Miss Lesbo (LML)- but seriously as far as you all know I’m a flake who is a serial dater who has Multiple Sclerosis (hardly talk about it- I know) that throws a party. While that’s cool and all-I’m a lot more than that: I’m a crafter, who cooks without measuring cups, an encourager, a reluctant socialite, who is all about body acceptance.

My exclusion of all sides of me has not been deliberate nor strategic. When I created LML my initial focus was dating, I sorta pigeonholed myself. It’s honestly difficult, yes even for me, to date someone and be brutally honest about the ENTIRE experience. Furthermore, when there’s no honey, theres no tea (baby, you better get into that word play!!) Damn, some of y’all might have missed that!!!! Lemme help you baby: honey= women & tea= info/ blog content (insert sigh and eye roll).

Flip to Side B *the other side(s)*- this is the category encompassing everything that doesn’t fit the previous LML format. U might catch natural hair stuff, Snap stories, cooking (for real this time), health stuff, a brunch friend date (like real friends… not romantic leads), me shouting out people who deserve a spotlight, shopping… WHATEVER! This section is life driven- so buckle up. I do understand that I’m ageing myself with the cassette reference…I encourage you to look it up if you’re not familiar.

Till next time
My feelings are best expressed through song: Erykah Badu- “Didn’t Cha Know” realateable lyric “I’m trying to decide which way to go; I think I made a wrong turn back there somewhere”