Side B

I changed my mind


My desires are fleeting… I’m not one to commit too much (clearly- with this blog) But one thing I’ve always been sure of is this- I’d like to be married and I want to be a Mommy. Since childhood I’ve dreamed of being a mother. That is one thing I’ve always been sure of. Being a wife is something that came later on. I am not into pressuring women I deal with into my dream; a puzzle piece will only fit where it belongs. I also will not spend time with someone who doesn’t want what I want.

Building a future with someone who is consistent and emotionally available is something I feel like I deserve. When I love I love hard- It’s not like I go around giving my love to just anybody. I’ve publically vowed that I suffered my last heartbreak several years ago with Little Miss Lesson Learned (fka Crazytown). So this is how I feel as of now- Dating is cool, I’m taking a break from relationships and love its taxing. I’m absolutely sure of what I bring to the table- I have no problem eating alone.

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couldn’t decide on one song-so enjoy my feeling

what I want

how i feel