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a place to find out about whats going on in Atlanta on the queer scene and maybe a little write up on the expierence

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    Best weekend ever

    Last weekend proved to be pretty good for me despite going through a week from hell. It seemed as though I was under attack from all sides last week. I decided that my Good Judy Malibu and I needed to…

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    This Sunday from 4-8 Zaffo (@pinzn_needles on IG) will be hosting a mixer at Metro Fuxon (554 piedmont ave ne) showcasing female moguls and entrepreneurs in “the life” from 4-8. I’m excited to share with you guys that I will…

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        Y’all know I live for Adah Duval and her parties! I’m so Glad that shes back at Takorea Saturday June 28th for her ‘Dear Summer’ edition! Entry is only $10 before 12! My Sis Boggie Lov will be…

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    LovHer 12/22

    I love love love lovher parties. I’m not really big on going out but Adah Duval gives us a great parties on the regular. I enjoy the crowd no ruckus, older set you know? Without being ancient and creepy. Well…

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    The Hideout: Supes BDAY

      Ok so I must admit I see it for Traxx Girls Hideout parties at Halo. I love the venue I was introduced to Halo during the short time in my life I could’ve been considered an urban hipster. It’s…

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    Secret Society Atlanta

    Last weekend My Turn Up Twin (SUPE) And I went out to Secret Society ATL’s debut party at Fins Restaurant and Lounge. It was a cute crowd considering it was their opening night, and you know how late Atlanta lesbians…