Side B


So, 2017 has come and gone and there’s one more year behind me where I’ve been less than productive in my creative realms. Sure, I knocked hella goals out when it came to SLAY…. But, somehow my baby, my BLOG fell by the wayside. I am a master of checking myself before I wreck myself (word to Ice Cube), so I’m relatively good at dissecting my actions in order to find the route of the problem. SLAY gets attention because it generates revenue! LML (Little Miss Lesbo) has hella possibilities when it comes to making some coins (you know- pesos, dinero, skrilla, scratch, MONEY!!) for ya girl. The obvious key is content- making this problematic sword doubled edged. The chances of generating revenue where there is no new content NONE.
My Mom asked me how I’d be able to earn a living off of the things I’m good at (writing, cooking, and event coordinating as far as she’s concerned) and that finally sparked me in a way that I needed. The woman that I totally adore who recklessly dismisses most of dreams and visions finally conceded! I didn’t even know that was a validation that I desired. Then a friend of mine posted that she wishes that she could pay me for just being me. AND THERE IT WAS! I literally have hella marketable talents and in short I need to be paid for being me!! Until I find where the payment office is for self being is physically located I’ve gotta start packaging my God-given talents into a marketable bundle.
Y’all pray for me- I not only need the spirit of consistent creativity I also need the spirit of completion to be all over me. I know this post wasn’t necessary for public consumption- but sometimes horn tooting is in order.Sure the post isn’t that specific, Y’ALL WILL SEE!!! I truthfully, just needed to get this out of my system so I could get to work!

Till next time