Side B

End of an Era- bye EeJay

I’ve told you all how I miss Atlanta on a daily basis. The southern pleasantries I took for granted are gravely missed. I enjoy what the Bay Area has to offer but not half as much as miss what it lacks. As I previously stated Theres a certain something that I honestly just don’t like about the Bay.
I’m a party person by nature, I enjoy getting dolled up (beating my face and getting dressed up) and dancing (to the best of my ability after this broken ankle fiasco) I am hereby done forcing myself to have fun. I mean will I sit in a corner and pout at a party? NO! Frankly I can do that at home FOR FREE! However, I’m completely done with sticking aaround and raising the bar sales at soggy parties with wack people and trash DJs. Sure my DJ standards are wildly high (Shout out to Boogie, HourGlass, Adore, Whitney Abstrakt, DJ Dimples, DJ Shaaa to name a few). It’s incredibly tiresome to put my best party EeJay out there. No matter how tough it is to turn EeJay down but honestly its time for Candace to take the reins (oh shit I told y’all my real name). Its incredibly refreshing to not have to be a magnified portion of who I am. My Ex Blanket once told me “I love Candace I can’t stand EeJay”. So now that California has forced me to retire EeJay I feel more liberated to be myself. I can have an attitude without worrying about how that reflects poorly on my image as EeJay the Party Animal- that shit is hard on the body anyway.