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If I build it….will they come?

So…. the events bug has bitten me…again! I was brought on by the social/dating app Her to do events in Oakland… and that is on pause for reasons outside of my control. If we are being honest a Her event would be dope; but theres no way to keep on brand for both of us and soothe the itch for me. While I’m beyond excited to be a part of Her- theres something else I wanna do for Oakland.

I don’t like it here- I mean…. it’s alright but it’s not real. Like the social interactions aren’t genuine; common courtesy isn’t a thing, black women aren’t really yearned for here; and lastly, the vocal fry and sing-songiness of the speech is just… trying AF. I have come to realize that my distain for the Bay Area is based solely on my love for Atlanta. While getting dressed to go out I constantly remind myself to “enjoy it as much as possible, This isn’t Atlanta” although I always look amazing when stepping out theres little to no fanfare from the public. I know it sounds incredibly self-centered of me to expect party goers to take notice in little ‘ol me… but I’m coming from an extraordinarily celebratory place. If you look good in Atlanta theres a “YUSSS BITCH!” or a “SLAAAYYYY MA-MAA!” or at least “werk hair” or “I see you shoe!” and here I feel like I’m in a compliment desert. I have frankly grown accustom to the slight pressure of “Eejay the turn up queen” and being on 10 when I’m out and subsequently being treated well at parties.

Atlanta is wildly black… like “Wakanda Forever”- with that said Oakland is now “Well-kinda Forever” ????????‍♀️. Oakland used to be hella black but due to gentrification has (much like DC and ATL) is becoming strangely overran with Whites wanting the “cool feel” of blackness without the actual blackness. After living in Atlanta so long I just want to be in a space that is queer AND black af sometimes. People here act like that racist- ITS NOT!!! The fact that there are sliding scale payment for parties based on race is a tiny racist though (example queers of color $5 white queers $9 white straights $15). And I will be dammed if the space is STILL significantly vanilla.

I’ve actually had people ask me “aren’t you Little Miss Lesbo, don’t you do Slay Atlanta-are you going to do parties here?” The short answer is- I don’t know if y’all are even ready for it. I mean theres no way to recreate the Slay feel here- It would have to be something totally different. I’m still feeling the scene out and trying to adjust my feelers to what this market needs/can handle. I’m not sure if I’m just talking shit or if I gotta act on this urge. I gotta figure out why I’d be doing this- my last glory driven project was short lived and thats not a rabbit hole I’m interested in repeating.
till next time