Its Not Me- Its You.

Last week I was at Bible Study when I heard something that really stuck with me “Just because they aren’t for you doesn’t mean they are a bad a person” Sounds like a simple thought for most; but for me personally I have a really tough time cutting people off who are generally good and probably GREAT mates for someone else. Learning to tactfully trim people from your life is essential no matter how good they are especially when it comes to matters of the heart. The trick is letting the people go for real not just sending them on a sabbatical.
I will finally go on record and say Little Miss Asshole would be an outstanding woman for a girl who can deal with her. I am almost certain I am not that girl. She is sensitive, attractive, gainfully employed, loves to shop, well spoken, educated, likes shoes and really finds joy in purchasing them for her mate etc. However it’s not a package that will keep me satisfied. It’s like this: women are like food some are main courses (the protein), others are side dishes (girls that are good little side pieces but won’t ever be enough on their own), while some are desserts (yummy little fun girls), and others are buffets (take what you want leave what you don’t but keep in mind someone has been breathing all over it). If you understand this doctrine you know that you shouldn’t just have protein or just desert. I am NOT LOOKING for a mate but if I were to happen upon one just know she will HAVE to be a full course meal. So is Little Miss Asshole’s Package a bad one? Nah- it’s just I’m not the intended recipient! Imagine opening your Grandma’s year supply of Depends during Christmas- totally practical for her, but you have complete control over your urine and bowels so you don’t need them!
Letting someone you know deep down isn’t good for you for whatever the reason doesn’t mean they are an awful person it just means that they aren’t your “forever”. It takes an incredible sense of discernment to be able to do this correctly. Trust me I know- I’ve cut people off both far too soon and far too late. Like Kanye said in ‘Heard em Say’ “They say people in ya life are seasons- and anything happen it’s for a reason”.

My feelings are best expressed in song
Heard Em Say- Kaye West

till next time…