Forever I Love Atlanta

After kinda going back and forth about it for quite some time I’ve decided to leave Atlanta. I moved here nearly 15 years ago for college (Yikes!) And after the culture shock wore off I fell so deep in love with this place. I say culture shock because I grew up in Fremont, Ca. While growing up there the city maxed out around 2.5% black- which was an extraordinarily isolating truth.  But Atlanta and it’s “real city” feel and SOOOOOOOOO MANY BLACK FOLK! Atlanta is the blackest place on earth (excluding Africa of course)

I’ve tried moving back home once before with no real plan and moved back for stupid reasons (chiefly a soon failed relationship). I’ve always said if I were to leave Atlanta again I’d only return for two things a ring or a career. I mean that- no flip-flopping. It is my plan to get my masters (still deciding my course of study before I declare in what). It is my plan to work, school, blog/vlog, and travel a bit just essentially live my best life.

I could never speak poorly of Atlanta- she molded me into the woman I am today. I met my best friends here, learned to speak fluent gay lingo and southerner! This is the place that friends that have become family were made! However, Atlanta will NEVER again be for funky bitch I fell in love with and she has never loved me the way I love her. Will I miss the culture and being able to hear my jams (Stilletoes- Crime Mob and I ain’t gon Let Up-DG Yola) in the club Fuck yes!!! I will miss the party curation life I’ve made here- but Slay the Bay could possibly be a thing.