As I See It

Just a friend… the friend zone acceptance.

My Two closest friends happen to be two very attractive women who are both much more masculine looking than I am. This has led to me often being considered “one of the boys” when we get with their other friends and I end up being the only girly one in the group who isn’t dating or fucking the crew. This as you can imagine is quite problematic for me… no one outside the group ever thinks I’m single and even worse I start to pick up their habits. I talk about women like my aggressive buddies do, I look at women the way they do, hell I even touch women the way they do. I guess this seems kosher to some girls but for me I never know if I’m chillen with a girl like a homie or if she’s tryna gimme some ass.
The worst feeling in the world is thinking you’re dating someone until they call you crying about the next bitch. Its like “Oh… so we aren’t dating and you DO NOT want to fuck me…. EVER?” Or when you do something super sweet like make a ho lunch grab and them their favorite cup o’ Joe and she tells you “Aww Eejay you’re so sweet!!! That’s why you my nigga!” No bitch, I’m not your nigga… I want to have LESBIAN SEX with you… I’d like nothing more than to make you my official Little Miss is what I want to scream! Instead of reading the bitch for filth I smile awkwardly and simply say “enjoy” as If nothing is wrong; cause in fact ain’t shit wrong- you want a friend…I’ll be that.
The reason why so many people loathe the Friend Zone so much is because they’re constantly trying to break out of it. If a female wants to put me in the Friend Zone and I’m unhappy with that I will simply opt out of the Friend Zone. I opt out with no bad blood or attitude when I see you its always love but I just can’t be your friend in the current headspace I’m in (the headspace of I want to make you my thang). I mean, honestly: I am sexually expressive (not a prude) I cook hella well, I’m easy to look at, My soul is together, I’m kind and my ass so big like the sun (word to Trina).If a woman wants to friend zone me I think it’s her loss not mine. I like aggressive women and one day I may just happen upon a woman who likes a chick like me: a girly give with a butchy reality. As of now I’m totally okay being in the Friend Zone….shit, at this point, a bitch is pretty much the mayor.

My feelings aren’t really fully expressed in this song…. it’s just cute