Good things come, to those who… DESERVE IT!

So, surprise- surprise… I’VE BEEN DATING! I don’t wanna jump ahead of myself or speak too soon- but she is downright amazing! We met on OKC (yes, the dating app I met Amina on *eye roll*). I got bored one night and tried sending a couple of “feelers” out- and I came upon her account I skimmed it a little because I liked her face. She was chocolatey and had the sweetest dimpled smile I’d seen in a long time. After promptly realizing that “feelers” weren’t my jam. I had honestly forgotten about my night of weak attempts at playing an active role in my online “dating”. Then, a while later, seemingly out of nowhere I got a message from this sweet smiled chocolate woman with a strange user name while in a meeting with some DJ buddies of mine. I thought her user handle was bizarre and I was preoccupied so I didn’t read her message till the next day. She sent a super witty 4 stanza message that proved she actually read my profile and that she could actually hold a conversation (versus the usual “hey sexy…” or “I love your hair!” messages). We chatted for 5 days before she gave me her number. We sent a couple of text back and forth for like a second and she told me she had some time to kill before leaving town for the holidays. I had been pussy-footing with my packing all day so when she suggested a quick coffee date I was with it…. Well kinda. I nervously fussed with my hair put on a casual face beat (you know, one that doesn’t look too done but looks glowy and whatnot.)
I arrived at my favorite coffee shop before she did and was super anxious. Not the “fuck, I forgot to take my anxiety medicine” kind of anxiousness- but the “bitch, are you insane?! You have only spoken to her ONE TIME” kind. I nervously pretended to browse the remaining pastries while glancing towards the door from time to time. She came in unnoticed and said my name- I turned to face her and she smiled that sweet smile of hers and let out a sigh of relief (she was worried I was a “catfish”) and blanket of calm came over me. You know what?? Let’s call her Blanket for now. Blanket ordered whiskey and a splash of diet coke (her jam)- and I had coffee and a shot of whiskey (I HAD TO PACK). We talked, shared some laughs, and got to know each other better. She hastened to the airport and called me once she got to her gate. I packed and kept her company until she had to put her phone in airplane mode.
While we were out of town we talked as much as time would allow but enough to insight some intrigue. We planned on a “real date” you know one with reservations and such, one I couldn’t wear sneakers to. We went to this nice restaurant in town, Aria . While in our Uber to the Midtown Gay Bar District some emotional ass alternative song from the late 90s came on and I bopped my head and lip-synced along; not realizing it was CLEARLY a jam of mine but I’d learned to not sing along to “white music” to avoid judgement. She leaned in with that sweet smile of hers and said “This is a GREAT song” I smiled and we dramatically sang out loud. At that point I knew we were the same type of black girl and I appreciated that.
Lemme wrap this up! I had a revelation- I’m finally ready to use the parts of my heart that I’d assumed I’d left with my last heartbreak,Little Miss Lesson Learned I mean no shade to anyone I dated after her, but she got a level of me that none of y’all had access to. I kid you not, as soon as I was honest with myself here comes Blanket- being all blankety. She has her spirit in order, she’s smart as fuck, she’s sweet, we have hella fun together, she is supportive, baby is a BLESSING, AND we have a secret handshake! I legit look at her like “where the hell you been GAL?!” I was happy alone but she offers what I call the ‘ER’ factor I’m happiER! I have kissed enough frogs- I will enjoy blanket!
K, byeeeeeeee
All the pretty girls in the world and I’m in this space with youuu!