As I See It

To the President Elect and His bitchass homebois in Congress

You surely do not know or give a damn about me, I am just a young black woman from Fremont, Ca who has chosen to live in Atlanta, Ga (yes, that city that you referred to as crime ridden and falling apart). I’d love to say “I doubt you’ll ever read this” but it seems that you pompously google yourself daily. So, Donald J. Trump this is for you:
I have yet to have any children- not because I’m what you’d consider a 4 (I by the way am a firm 8 in these streets), but because I’m wise enough to know I’m not yet in a proper space in my life to raise a child successfully. If I did have a child I’d be beyond frozen with fear. How, the fuck am I to tell my child to not be a bully? You have publically mocked the physically different (yes the hell you did) teased an absolutely gorgeous beauty queen for gaining weight (which she carried like a BOSS!), you say things like “grab em by the pussy” when women aren’t behaving how you’d like them to. You by definition are the most grotesque type of bully. You often elude to the fact that you would have sex with your daughter Ivanka if she wasn’t your child. God bless the fact that you have an anti-incest clause to your pedophilia!!! My guy- more than THREE underage girls have accused you of sexual misconduct! You say things that a pedophilic pervert would say so I don’t think these accusations (and dropping of them) are far-fetched.
I need more than 5 years of experience to obtain a job in the field I have a B.A in. I am over qualified for entry level positions in Mass Media and reportedly under-qualified for what I’m degreed to do (Mass Media on air personality). Oh but you Mr. (not my) President elect- you and your bankruptcy filing, business abandoning (Atlantic City Casino) draft dodging self is allowed to RUN for and “WIN” the presidency? FUCK OUTTA HERE!!! How in God’s name is a man who has dodged two drafts and is wanting to “beef up” our nuclear arms qualified to be our Commander in Chief?!
To you Fuck Bois in Congress who were more than vested in making President Obama’s time in office unreasonably difficult. You did one hell of a job mucking up the entire Affordable Health Care act now look at y’all trying to “fix” it. I have a PROGRESSIVE AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE Multiple Sclerosis. Nothing I’ve done has given me this disease… I’m reliant on “affordable” health care I put it in quotes cause the shit is just under $300 monthly. You all just made it legal (once again) for a healthcare provider to deny me and anyone else with a pre-existing condition health coverage. WHY?! What good could come of this?! People with treatable forms of cancer will be without aide they’re willing to pay for and may die; people like me who by the grace of God and modern medicine that are able to get around will be forced into walkers and wheelchairs. What is wrong with y’all?! Why such a big F-U to the sick?!
To the twisted individuals who voted for Trump: yes, Hillary is flawed but nowhere near as messed up as Trump- you all better sharpen up on your survival skills! The Hunger Games are upon us-may the odds ever be in your favor. You allowed the darkest parts of you to vote this joker into power- now we all have to foot the bill.
If I may get biblical: in Revelations it says before the rapture we will hear TRUMPETS. Say it slowly TRUMPETS Trump- Pence. The old folks BEEN saying “ We are living in our last days and times”. I’m not saying this is a ministry I subscribe to- I am however saying- LOOK AT THIS SHIT! JUST LOOK.
It’s time to get your house in order

That’s all I’ve got to say about that.
For you who still don’t feel me- a musical selection. (this video chosen because I’m a dancer) Fight the Power- Public Enemy w/ Rosie Perez on moves