hindsight is 20/20

So after being removed from all of my exes and past situations for a while I’ve gained a bit of clarity on our interactions. After gaining a bit of clarity I realized that most of the little misses were wrongly named be it due to me naming them while mad or still smitten. Some names will change for the better while others may change to slightly less favorable pseudonyms- all I can do is promise it will be EXACTLY how I feel

OLD:Little Miss One Who got away NEW:Little Miss Wrong Timing: I met this woman when I was at the peak of bitchiness and the valley of self love. She asked me to go to church and slow down on the clubs and drinking and I couldn’t. Who I am today would be exactly who she needed then… Timing was off that’s all.
OLD: Little Miss Crazytown NEW:Little Miss Lesson Learned: in this relationship I learned my limits. I never thought I could love someone so much despite all of her sneaky underhanded shit she did while I remained faithful I loved her thinking that my love was strong enough to fix her… It wasn’t. That was a hard lesson to accept but I will never need to be taught it again.
OLD: Little Miss Asshole NEW: Little Miss STILL an Asshole: I know she’ll be in her feelings about this but, whatever. You are an asshole plain and simple.
OLD: Little Miss Love Song REMAINS THE SAME : You have a kind heart your soul and face are beautiful like a love song. I miss our friendship
OLD: Little Miss Baby Gap NEW:Little Miss Mommy Issues: baby girl is cute as fuck but she’s trouble. I wasn’t in a place to provide the emotional support she needed. Her drinking was habitual and borderline dependent. Her drunken tantrums were reminiscent of a sleepy toddler! Mama hadn’t accepted that her mother wasn’t with “that gay shit” and enjoyed dating women with their own shit so she could be as gay as she pleased in someone else’s space.
OLD: Little Miss Serendipity NEW: Little Miss Stay ‘Woke’: while our interactions were both random and amazing I’m not fully sure that we were intended to date. I was in a state of unawareness and you woke me up and planted a seed deep that would never allow me to fall back into the coma you woke me from. I appreciate who she was in my life at that time and who she is now.
OLD: Little Miss Better Late than Never NEW:Little Miss Interesting the short stint I spent tangled in her web of insomnia, worst vaccation EVER, odd friendships and first full body climaxes was interesting to say the least. Thanks girl.
OLD: Little Miss Dream Seller NEW: Little Miss Drug Pusher she came into my life at a time where my depression was at its deepest and my anxiety was at an all time high and although she sold dreams of whimsy and wrote checks of love she knew she couldn’t cash her fuckery had a good feeling to it. I became addicted to her high I needed that shit; or so I thought. A codependency realized late in the game is better than never at all… Right?!
OLD:Little Miss Something New NEW: Little Miss Church Clothes I wasn’t even looking for anyone I was alone and happy. I can never deny that she has that “classic man” thing down pact and it was alluring. Much like your pseudonym suggests I have no use for church clothes outside of the sanctuary. You were an excellent look for church and I should’ve left you right there. I fear she has no clue how predatory she really is Mama is “wolf in sheep’s clothing” personified . Word to the “wise”:while in church PRAY to become who you dress up as don’t PREY on good girls.
OLD: Yes NEW:friend all I have for her is a heartfelt “thank you”
That was nice! I read no one for filth… I just stood in my current truth.

My feelings are best expressed through song: