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Slay is a once monthly party I’ve been throwing for the last two months. Its been well received by the community for a new party independent from all other already established promotional companies. The vision is simple… a dope party with a super ill DJ (my sis, Boogie Lov), with great photos (photographers to date Vol1- Urban Scope Vol2- Chriss Clark) with well dressed women who love other women and other queer folk.
I’m hella proud of my party and that people enjoy it. So proud that I’ve committed more of my free time and to handling this business venture, so much of my creative energy and talks have revolved around Slay that I have a nasty case of writers block. So Instead of a witty blog post I will tell y’all about SlayAtlanta.com . I’m not saying there will be no post HERE about Slay but I’d like to post slay pictures and Videos there. You guys can feel free to email me at [email protected] to stay in the know or visit here and the slay tab. Pictures from both parties below- if you are NOT winning!