keeping it light and sweet

Ok so I met this woman on OKC (ok cupid) about two months ago, she said enough to spark interest but not so much that she seemed thirsty. I get enough hits where I have the luxury to be a bit selective with my responses. Her location is more than inconvenient to say the least. 668 miles is about 10 hours in a car or roughly about hour and a half via plane. After getting to know her a bit via the OKC app we exchanged phone numbers and have been quite communicative. The App said we are 92% compatible which was cool. I dig her- she’s kind, it seems as though her spirit is in order, she’s a woman of her word, a hard worker, lil mama is enterprising, super supportive of all things LML. I bet y’all are wondering why I’m telling you guys all of this…well, she’s coming this weekend! This is the first time since the DC Debacle that I’m meeting someone that I’ve started a long distance romance with. It is my plan is to chronicle our first encounter on here.
First day: we chilled a bit it was cool to have her around in a tangible way, there was no awkwardness between us. She was a bit pissy that her bag had not arrived.
Day two: we got to do some shopping and that was dope. She tried everything I picked and liked most of it. I thoroughly enjoy shopping and she had no clothes (her bag still hadn’t arrived). She lost her temper with the airline about her bag still being lost and while that was a bit unsettling it was completely understandable. We went to Ra Sushi for happy hour with some friends of hers in the evening.
Day three: THE BAG FINALLY CAME! She had some business to take care of, so I took it upon myself to do some assistant type of work and make arrangements to pick her bag up.
Day four: Although church isn’t her typical groove she went with me. She enjoyed herself in my hand clapping foot stomping tongue talking shouting C.O.G.I.C church. This was originally supposed to be her last day so I cooked a Sunday diner of prosciutto and goat cheese crostinis with a spicy balsamic glaze for the appetizer and leg of lamb served with cauliflower mash and arugula salad as our main course.
Day five (current day): I’m on hold with the shitty airline she flew, Spirit, trying to get them to move around her return flight and writing. Shes on the phone conducting business and I’m slowly realizing that she is a real life business woman, one who may not really have time for what I thought this would be.
Day six: Yesterday I expressed my anxieties about our visit and we had a healthy discussion where we expressed each of our needs and expectations and it seems we are good. Am I a little pissed that we didn’t make it to any of our planned rendezvous? Yes! Good Thing I will be traveling to her home state soon.
Wrap up: I’m still into her and have to get re-acclimated to dealing with someone who is an entrepreneur. I might be a little too demanding and I have to remember that “light and sweet” is the best way to go. We do gel and that 92% compatibility is pretty accurate. Staying true to what I’ve said I won’t be giving her a Little Miss pseudonym until we are exclusive.

Till next time

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