Anxiety at bay… EeJay shall play

As of late I have been feeling an incredible sense of “okayness” After about a year of not wanting to be around anyone besides myself and being totally content alone I now feel comfortable enough dealing with myself that I now can deal with other people and it’s an incredible feeling of liberation. I randomly have been placing myself in social settings that are enjoyable for me. Let’s first talk about what Ive been up to.
(pictures below)
Saturday- I made plans with my girls Latoya and Chykeria to go to Little 5pts Halloween Parade and had a wonderful time despite an awful toothache. After that we visited the rainbow crosswalk in Midtown like the true “LESBUNS” we are. Before I had to go to work we decided on some plans for Monday (we were all off of work)
Sunday- was a challenging day at work I had totally tapped out until my favorite ray of little chocolate sunshine “Bitty” randomly slid thru my job for a bite to eat we chatted a while before I got off work then we went to Cookout and I got a milkshake and hushpuppies (fuck my diet LOL) and watched funny viral videos
Monday- My Saturday crew and I got back together to attend my GOOD GOOD friend Christine’s art show. Christine is a super talented photographer who is currently in pursuit of her Masters at SCAD and she had a beautiful showcase of photos of Palmetto, South Carolina. We thoroughly enjoyed her gorgeous show and went to Six Feet Under for cocktails and decided that it was a great idea for us to go costume shopping. We dicked around Costumes Etc. (my favorite costume shop in Atlanta) for a while and I got some accessories for my costume (to be reviled next week). The crew split up a bit and Latoya and I met Bitty for Dinner at Pho 24.
Ya’ll might consider this weekend quite lack luster but I honestly went out more in those three days than I have in the last three months. I thoroughly enjoyed myself because I spent time with people with positive energy doing things I enjoy. It may seem super selfish but while I’m working out this anxiety thing… shits gotta be on my terms

Feelings best expressed through song…