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Okay, so my summer travel schedule and some creative differences made it so that I had to regroup and reinvent another once monthly party but this time on my own. I wanted to give the Urban Lesbian over 21 in Atlanta something chill to do before they return to work on Monday. Then it came to me through a brainstorming session with my girl Kat: SLAY– a dope event with dope girls, in dope clothes, maybe even with some dope queens in the room. I ran the idea by a couple of my friends who’s opinion I value (Malibu, Brian, and Laya). And, thus SLAY was born.


WHO SLAYs: Whomever chooses to that’s 21 and over and up for a good time

WHAT is SLAY: A FREE once monthly party that takes place the first Sunday (a day of serious slay for most of us growing up) of every month.

WHEN is SLAY: The premiere of SLAY will take place OCTOBER 4th from 7-10

WHERE is SLAY: The Edgewood Speakeasy! 327 Edgewood Avenue Atlanta Ga 30312

WHY SLAY: Slay as we all know through the popularization of Gay Lingo is an expression of affirmation. If you get a “SLAY, bitch!” You know you’ve done “it” or killed “it”. Now what “it” is hard to explain so I won’t even try. Will SLAY be a “members only party”? No. Will SLAY make you want to step your game up? FAWK YES!

We’ve got the very eclectic, very talented Boogie Lov spinning all night, Urban Scope taking photos, the very beautiful Marie Coleman as your bartender and ME EeJay as your host! This is legit a Sapphic dream team of partying(check out their IGs). SLAY IS FREE party with a $2 drink special, Bomb pizza,a free little photo shoot, dope girls… Why wouldn’t you come?

feelings are best expressed through song: sorry there’s no official video