I’se natural now!

Natural hair seems to be a “movement” and its one I can appreciate. The wave of women of color (WOC) choosing to wear their own hair in its natural state is outstanding.  I was a notorious weave wearer for about 8 years. I started wearing weaves when a trim turned into a haircut and I missed my length, after that I was hooked. I went from wearing a modest 14inches to a ridiculous 20 inches (crazy on me being that I’m only 5’1) Sometime in early 2014 I found myself hanging with more black intellectuals who were often surprised by my knowledge of a wide range of topics and my “blackness” I was informed that I was oftentimes considered a stereotypical “know nothing self-loathing” black girl due to my appearance. That in it’s self says a lot. 1. I was NOT aware that my weave said

that about me 2. It’s outrageous that people with such brain power would think that way. That was the 1st time I considered getting rid of my weave but I thought it wasn’t a sound decision being that it was based in an untruth. I made friends with a delightful young man who loved natural hair. He convinced me to try dookie braids and in the midst of doing my hair he said “You know your hair is almost 100% natural….You should wear this out! “That’ll fuck em up” I said okay and like a two months ( 2 sets of braids) later I was wearing my natural hair and stopped coloring my  hair (unleashing this glorious gray streak).

After I figured what products worked for me (such a task) It was on! I wore a lot of turbans while I was figuring my hair out). The first time I wore my little puff out it was a disaster! I didn’t know what products to use yet and it was raining- I LOOKED A FOOL. Soon thereafter and about $260 worth of failed products I figured it out. I was comfortable wearing my hair out…. Then came the mockers

“Girl when are you getting your hair done?!” and “I miss your weave, don’t you??” let us not forget “you were a baddie when your hair was long (weave)” all this shit came from ONE person- she probably has no clue how hurtful her words were. Being Me I worried that everyone shared her sentiment ( I of course don’t give a shit now) The other type of  mocker I had was the playful kind (still annoying) “Girl you smell like shea butter and berries” (I just smile) another friend chimes in “Bitch, you know she’s a ‘natural sista’ now” they cackle and I’m there looking stupid.

It just sucks that love for my natural black self isn’t celebrated universally. I do have friends that have been supportive and I appreciate the fuck out of them for that. I guess I wrote this for the new naturals or the girl who is afraid to go “there”. Princess Baby, the road may be rough but I promise it’s worth it. “I just love YOUR hair” feels better than “GIRL WHERE YOU GET THEM TRACKS?!” You can’t expect no nigga or bitch to love you fully until you do. It’s a journey I mean I only have like 4 styles but once I get a couple more inches…. ITS ON! (gallery below)

Thats it….


MY feelings are best described in Song

Kendrick Lamar- I love myself