in theory

I had a talk with a buddy of mine where I became super comfortable and said something that I wasn’t aware that I felt… but it was a legitimate feeling (as I often do while conversing with people whom I feel comfortable around) Where I stated that maybe to women I date I’m better in theory (vs reality). She inquired what I meant by that and I went on to explain how women prefer the idea of me over the actual dealings. Like, if I’m going to be fully honest… I’m not the easiest girl to deal with between the anxiety, sassy attitude, depression, multiple sclerosis, blogging, and church involvement it takes a special kind of lady to be in and stay in my life. I think people are more down for the fat ass and the elaborate home cooked meals. She half-ass assured me that this wasn’t an issue with only me that she too encountered a similar issue. Bless her heart-despite her best efforts I felt no comfort in her testimony. Luckily I have a blog where I can discuss my innermost feelings with the World Wide Web.
Much like Drake said “you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym” If she can’t be a DAB during the rough times why would I keep her ass around during the times of ease? I mean apparently its super cute that I teach Sunday School and I’m active in church until I get up on Sunday morning and am unable to lay up because I have to get my word. Or my absolute favorite… my blog was clutch as fuck until I wrote about HER and HER bullshit.
I am super me 365 days of the year… I don’t send a “representative” when I meet a gal… hell I tell her to checkout my blog so that she can get an even rawer version of me before we date for real! People do not exist in theory they are real … be sure you can stick around when things get real before you hang around while things are lovely. This is a random rant- I know but I heard a song that brought thoughts of this conversation back to me.
That’s all I’ve got to say about that
Feelings are best expressed though song (sorry there no official video… I thought these guys did a great job though)
Relatable lyrics (well… all of em but…) “there’s a lot of things that I do wrong-if you’re looking for the perfect one this ain’t for you”