“I’m not ready for a relationship” Is something most of us have said however I cannot recall ever saying that I’m ready for relationship. I usually end up in relationship underprepared for dealing with my emotions or anyone else’s for that matter. I am in an extremely self-aware space for the first time in my life; being totally self-aware creates a space where I can keep my once totally out of control emotions totally in check. Anyway, I think that after being pretty much single since September 2012 (excluding the whole Little Miss Asshole debacle). I think I’m in a good place to settle down. I am under no circumstances “looking for a bae” or taking part in “cuffing season”. I’m just saying a bitch better fuckwith me before the price goes up (hair flip)

I’m sure y’all are wondering what happened to My Thang (MT) and we are still talking, however, she’s not ready for commitment and I’m not ready to be a convenience boo. She informed me that we are cool and we talk but only when I’m in Maryland or she is in Atlanta do we actually date. While I do not agree with her outlook I do honor it. I’ve made it a habit of being respectful of people’s opinion no matter if I agree with it or not. I thought her consistence, and involvement in my day to day was a sign that she shared my sentiment that we were building towards something pretty solid. She feels a way about me pulling back… I think it’s unfair to expect for me to continue to give her parts of me that she is unwilling to reciprocate the same access.

So, I’m still single, essentially like a dollar bill. And I’m pretty sure I’m ready to start considering dating. Light and sweet is cool, but so is something a tad bit more concrete.

My feelings are best expressed through song (no official video…. But this song!)