Side B

I’m 30 f*cking one!

Welp- yet another one of my friends has gotten married and one of my closest friends Kat just gave birth to my sweet precious niece Kaleah. I am truly happy for everyone living “the dream” I am. However, while scrolling through Facebook and arguing with my girlfriend about some arbitrary ass bullshit I realized I’m 31 and moving at a snail’s pace towards my happily ever after.

Sure, SLAY is going super well and I’m actually building a sustainable business that I’m passionate about. I feel better about SLAY than I ever felt about Siditty Misses. SLAY hardly ever feels like work and when it does it’s a labor of love. SLAY is something that I’m down right proud of!

When it comes to the woman I love. She is several years my junior which usually doesn’t prose much of an issue for me. We have fun together and she’s honestly my closest friend. We just aren’t in the same mental space. I’m ready to be married, have a rugrat or two and while I’m certain she loves me- my desires are so far in her future plans if I were to carry I’d likely give birth to dust. At least once a week I question is dating someone whose life plan differs from mine so much a wise investment of my time? I love that lady though- I will remember the way i felt when we we first made eye contact forever.

My life’s course hasn’t gone exactly according to my own plan- I do trust that my story was written long ago by God. I have to stop obsessing with what hasn’t happened yet and enjoy what is happening. Kids can wait- but lil mama does want a ring.

that’s all I’ve got to say about that
feelings are best expressed through song