Side B

As of late I haven’t been feeling like blogging- like at all. It’s like SLAY has grown tremendously. I’m hella excited about SLAY’s upcoming 1 year anniversary (OCT 2nd). I until extremely recently was in a relationship unlike any I’d been in before with a woman that shall be called Little Miss Daddy (LMD). I really didn’t know how to fit a relationship into the LittleMissLesbo format. Then I had an epiphany THIS IS MY BLOG AND I CAN REFORMAT IT.

   As it applies to SLAY @SLAYATLANTA (IG): I’m super thrilled to watch something I’ve dreamed up grow while staying true to my vision. I joined forces with the curators of The Play Ground ATL (Toni K),Taste (Toni and Marcella) and Wussy Mag (John) and cross promoted for a hometown line-up for Black Pride and it was honestly the illest pride experience. SLAY has popped so hard that LGBT promoters in other states have tried to imitate the SLAY feel. Atlanta, don’t fret… SLAY is here to stay other cities… stay tuned. The original SLAY could be coming to you.
  Little Miss Daddy (LMD): I’m not gunna go in like I historically have on the women I’ve dated. I will say she was the best girlfriend she could be- we simply haven’t been able to be on the same romantic page. We share similar world views and can talk out most disagreements (as it applies to the world). As much as I adore LMD I didn’t know how to incorporate a whole ass relationship on here. The Little Miss Lesbo format until now was me ranting about dating women and as soon as I mention them on here the relationship went to shit. Per my usual self I poured all of my available emotions into this relationship. LMD helped me realize that romance might not something I should still be hopeful of. Does marriage and kids sound like a dream come true? Fuck-yea! The shit may not be in the cards for your girl. Am I happy about this notion? Nah- but… whatever.
  Little Miss Lesbo– I’m still working on what direction I’d like to take this…

Feelings are best expressed in song… “what a wicked way to treat the girl who loves you”