Modus Operandi

Ok, as I spoke of in my last post I’ve been feeling like I could be open to the idea of love again. With that said, ya girl is out here dating and playing by my own rules. It’s nice and I suppose I’m doing what I should be. I try to be as honest as humanly possible and be careful of people’s feelings. As I date/talk to (uggghh I loathe that term) I’m realizing my mental space is wildly limited when it comes to things that make me feel confined. I guess it’s time to outline a handbook and guidelines… I mean my end result is to find myself a committed lover, however, as of late… these females (said begrudgingly instead of a less tasteful word) have had me feeling a smidge…. confined.

WYA/WYD? I have NEVER liked this question! It’s loaded AF ask me if I’m free, ask me if I can talk… my whereabouts and on-doings are my business and literally NO ONE is entitled that knowledge at this time. Ask me what you really want to know which is usually if I’m free to do what you want me to do (like talk, meet up, FaceTime, whatever)

Entitlement- kinda piggybacks on the last bullet point. NO ONE should feel entitled to my time and body. I promise my only requirement is if we make plans stick to them.

Dont Yell at Me!- Nigga, are you out of your mind?! Talking crazy to me is unacceptable! We will communicate like civil adults or not-at-damn-ALL fucking with me! Talk sweet to me

Understand this- I’m not on Rumspinga, or getting my “ho on” I’m not out here sluting it up. I’m simply not wiling to disturb my peace in order to be a piece of a pair. I’m not even out here sexing like that, honestly-it just complicates things (some exclusions may apply)

No Gray Areas- keeping my Nos and Yeses firm and just that will be of top importance in this season of me. I’m getting my life back on track and I’m only interested in knocking out goals. Being in a space to fall in love again is one of my goals however y’all will never see me out here madly, deeply in love compromising my integrity and me-ness as I did in the past!

I am not in a space to answer to anyone I don’t need anyone telling me “you finna miss out on a good thing” Yo, God will let me know when to sit my ass down. I’m not interested in being anyones possession. I rather be a partner to a dope woman with aspirations and goals she’s already conquered. I don’t think this makes me a bad person- I will issue no apologies for putting myself first-You can put that on my grave! You can’t threaten me with a good time or “a couple of forevers” baby, show me. I feel like I had to lay this out for myself and possibly for suitors. I’m in a Mode of Operation that feels really right for me

Till Next time

This song doesn’t best express my feelings but its my jam!