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Whats Your Type?

I once upon a time had a type. It wasn’t so much of a physical thing as far as looks go. It was really that I was super into chicks of a certain type of style of dress. I’ve written
about my addiction to sneaker heads- I’m still in recovery. I’ve tried my best to legitimately date girls without sneaker fetishes once I saw a meme that read. “You’ll fuck around and miss your soul mate chasing your type.”
In the last year I’ve dated a bit (not a whole bunch) and only one was a sneaker head. She wasn’t physically my jam, and I didn’t care for her clothing choices but her love of sneakers and the lord compensated for that Once I got her out of my system I dated two other women who own and wear several pair of sneakers for comfort and practicality, freshness was the furthest from their mind. They were kind, lovely, and thoughtful; however we weren’t on the same wavelength and we resolved to be friends. No shade at all, but what the hell? So, maybe I was a bit foolish to take dating advice from a damn meme! Yet, it was my thought that perhaps the meme was right… not words to live by right but kind of keep it in you back pocket right. I visually enjoy women who have big teeth and a fresh pair of sneakers on…. If we are being fully honest I really like the look of chocolate skin… like, it’s my JAM! Now, I can look past small teeth and caramel skin but I CANNOT excuse a pair of Team Jordans no matter how hard I try I cannot and will not ignore a wack pair of kicks.
Now before you guys get too disappointed in me I have two more preferences that I have discovered since writing the “mean shoe game” post. I enjoy women who are smart. Book smarts are of importance to me, but if she enjoys watching “how it’s made” and the history channel that’s incredibly hot. For me it’s one thing to learn what is given to you in class it’s another thing to purposely seek out knowledge. I love when a woman is smart enough to keep me engaged on a plethora of topics including but not limited to: current events, the condition of blacks in America, homelessness, sexy talk, self-love and Maury. I appreciate when a woman can play a game of synonyms with me where we take turns saying a word and then each of us alternate saying synonyms for said word (example: her: perfect me: flawless her: ideal me: superb her: sublime me: impeccable) Nothing is sexier to me than a woman who can teach me things. Also, I need someone that is “woke”. Woke for me is someone who is in tune with what’s going on around them. My awakening came in two parts: spiritually and socially. I don’t think it’s outrageous for me to require potential suitors to be both spiritually and socially aware.
So am I willing to bend on the whole shoe thing… conditionally- the whole brains and woke thing…Nah, bruh. If selectively dating women who fit my preferences (no matter how wide and random they maybe) causes me to miss out on my “soul mate”, then so be it.

Till next time
-my feelings are sorta expressed through song