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I’ve been in Atlanta for 2 weeks

So, my silly ass took a vacation to the place I’ve been able to banish my blues to…ATLANTA! And bitch, what in the entire fuck was I thinking? I won’t say I’m unhappy here, I will however say I am OVER IT! Like, who in their right mind and in my fiscal situation (not filthy rich ,but, bitch I’m barely broke * word to Peter Gunz)

I’ve seen some of my favorites, and I’ve spent quality time with my Downest Bitch, Brian. I’ve gone out, or at least I’ve tried to… Like I went out, however it wasn’t the same familial feel I’m used to in Atlanta. 2 weeks in and 1 week to go you girl is over it. I’m used to being sad, like for real deeply sad here. New Candace who is more chemically balanced has absolutely no clue how to function here.

I’ve been convinced to stay here an additional week by my favorite Ex, Brittny, being that we haven’t seen each other in maybe like 5 years. I agreed cause I mean… it’ll be pride and being the uber dyke I am…. why not, right? Perhaps I’m most hurt that there was literally NO pomp and circumstance upon my return. Like, were MFs happy to see me? Yea… but there wasn’t like a party, or a parade…. NOTHING. Theres, not a thing in the world that could discredit my love for this city and what it means to me.. but 2019 Atlanta isn’t my jam.