I had a craving for ribs prepared in a way I had never had… I wanted them sticky, sweet and a little spicy I had short ribs in my freezer and I thought they’d be PERFECT for this recipe. I served this dish with sticky rice and sautéed green beans

What you’ll need (WHAT I USED) picture 1

About 2 lbs of ribs Hoisin (or plum) sauce Soy Sauce (Lite to cut saltiness)

3 cloves of garlic Green onion Chili peppers Steps Cut the white part off of your green onions separating the root and throwing it away. Slice the white part up PICTURE 2

Slice your unwrapped garlic cloves and chili peppers In a stock pot put your ribs and sliced green onions and garlic and 3 table spoons of vegetable oil a table spoon each of sea salt garlic powder and ground ginger 3 tables spoons of soy sauce fill with enough water to cover 3/4th of your meat cook on medium heat for about an hour or until meat appears to be done and is beginning to fall off the bone. I have a gas range so it’s quick for me. PICTURE 3

You’ll need to prep your sauce, rice and green beans now

Once you’re meat seems done strain from the water (which by now is broth) retaining your garlic onions and meat In a greased skillet brown your meat, onions and garlic cover meat in sauce and brown or “blacken” again with sauce (the sugar in the sauce will give it a nice charred look and add to the stickiness) PICTURE 4 & 5

Green Beans

What you’ll need Fresh green beans Garlic cloves Red onions

After you clean your green beans cut 0ff the tips then cut the beans in half Press two cloves of garlic between the cutting board and the knife and sorta cracking them PICTURE 6 Slice chunky pieces of red onion

Toss green beans, garlic, olive oil, and sea salt around in a nonstick skillet until kinda withered. Toss red onions in at the last minute to give a little bit of flavor but be careful not to over cook PICTURE 7


Prep rice as you normally would add 3 tablespoons of rice vinegar when it’s halfway done to make it sorta tangy and sweet and STICKY

SAUCE I used hoisin sauce Hindsight plum sauce would’ve been even better mix in chili seeds soy sauce and ground ginger to taste.


Pack the rice into a small and flip over onto the plate PICTURE 8 & 9

place ribs on top and garnish with sesame seeds (optional) and scallions (tops of green onions) PICTURE 10

dress one side of your mound with your green bean mix TADA! A NICE ASIAN INSPIRED RIB DINNER PICTURE 11

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