Love with no contingencies

con·tin·gen·cy noun

  1. a future event or circumstance that is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty.

“a detailed contract that attempts to provide for all possible contingencies”

: synonymseventuality, (chance) event, incidenthappeningoccurrencejuncture,possibilityfortuityaccident,chanceemergency“we’ve tried to imagine and provide for all possible contingencies”

o    a provision for an unforeseen event or circumstance. “a contingency reserve” o    an incidental expense. “allow an extra fifteen percent in the budget for contingencies”

I thought to myself how great would it be to be loved with NO contingencies? The sentence should be “I will love you” not “I will love you if….” Or “if you love me….” Have I loved? fuck yes! Have I been in love? You bet your sweet ass! But have I experienced those with no contingencies? No ma’am! I don’t believe love should be a tradeoff thing. Meaning If I love you I should expect nothing in return and vice versa. I’m not asking for a limitless love because we all have our limits, hell I’m not even asking for a love that’s unconditional I only expect that from my Mother.  Every single Little Miss I’ve introduced y’all too has had a contingency I couldn’t comply with. I’m not talking normal things like faithfulness, loyalty, and respect…. I’m talking the fuck shit I’ve encountered.

Little Miss Better Late than Never– If you love me you’ll allow me time to figure out if this new acquaintance is worth my romantic energy or not.-No ma’am! Not today- or any day… and I will be honest with you guys I tried to get with it. But no part of me is with that particular type of fuckery. Polyamory is not and has never has been my jam

Little Miss Baby Gap– I love you so you should take care of me- In all fairness baby girl was just that… A BABY GIRL! She was looking for a fuckable Mom figure and I had no desire to teach a young lesbian the ropes. While paying bills and working full time.

Little Miss Asshole-If you love me you will forget that I punched you in your face for no logical reason.

Little Miss Crazytown– You Love me so much….. put up with my bullshit (not naming for reasons she knows)

Little Miss One Who Got Away-because I know you love me STILL I will expect you to be my here when these  hoes who were never worth my time hurt me.

Growing and forgiveness has allowed me to see these women and their contingencies for exactly what they were…. WEAPONS of DESTRUCTION. I was blinded by a simple phrase one that is misused far too often “I love you”. Had I been a weak woman or unwise I would have allowed these women to change my heart into a loveless wasteland forever- but being the resilient woman I am… I bounced back. My feelings are best expressed through song-Sorry  no official video but this song is IT!!