Side B

Imma fur Mama yall!

Set the scene: It’s March 2020 the United States is beginning to panic in regard to Covid-19. The job I’m working suddenly mandates mandatory work from home and sends us home with the appropriate equipment to do our work from home saying it will be like 2 weeks. I’m working from home watching the news, getting in the groove of the “new normal” and it’s becoming obvious I will be at home for a while… my birthday is coming up and I want a puppy. For the first time in like forever I will be able to be home for an extended period of time and be able to potty-train a puppy!

The hunt for the puppy began. The Bay Area was dripping in cute ass puppies at the time, but the looming doom was causing a lot of obvious scams and unreasonable up-priced pups. I placed my cut off at $800. There was a cute Pug just outside of my set range- I chatted the seller up, but backed out. I just couldn’t justify the price, days later I was still thinking about the sweet smooshed face baby so I hit the seller back up. She informed the puppy in question had sold but sent a picture of the last one in the litter available and threw in that she needed the puppy gone (he was 11 weeks) and was willing to let him go for $680 that night. I was down AF!

With absolutely no preparation besides a list of puppy names (Romeo Christopher, Kyle, Kevin, and Muchacho) I went to go pick him up. We exchanged the money for the puppy, and I turned to mush! He was the sweetest little big head boy. On the ride to Target I was trying names out nothing got a reaction; in fact, he yawned and dozed off with his head on my shoulder and he began to snore rather loudly.  I asked him “Are you a little piggy?” He wagged his little curly tail and it came to me I loved the name Hamlet for a Frenchie, why not a Pug?! I said, “Hi Hamlet!” and he kissed my cheek. I knew right away I’d be calling him Hammie or Ham for short.

I went into Target (leaving Ham in the car with my roomie) to get food and puppy pads… I get far more!  I meet some girls who notice my cart and how I’m just throwing shit in. They ask if I just got a puppy, we shared pictures and CoVid-19 puppy “gotcha stories” $168 later I’m ready to be a Puppy Mom. I introduce my new baby to friends and family on FB and IG and everyone swoons. I was talking to my friend Ashley about Hamlet and she suggested Samuel as a middle name; CUTE! Ham Sammie!!!

Ham had me wrapped around his little curly tail… I was smitten! As he grew and his little personality began to show I realized Samuel didn’t suit him he was like a little bad ass boy… one with a name that was colorful like Trigger, or Pistol Grip; but those names weren’t quite right. I knew I wanted something with 3 or more syllables that sounded like two names mashed together something “for the culture” Montavious! It’s perfect Hamlet Montavious is a complete name!

Hamlet likes to be held like a baby and to be sang to and is hella photogenic. Hammie has made “shelter in place” bearable. I typically have small foo-foo type dogs (Maltese, Shi Tzu, Chihuahua and the like) but this little guy is hella active and we keep busy.

While 2020 has been a shit show- Hamlet’s sweet face has kept me smiling