Lesbian AND a Christian

By Definition a Christian is someone who has professed their belief that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. (I have)

By Definition a Lesbian is a woman who is homosexual (I am)

I profess to be both Christian and homosexual and see absolutely no reason why the two cannot coexist within me. I go to what is called an affirming church where my Bishop O.C. Allen III (who is male) has a wonderful husband Rashad Burgess (the First Gentleman) called The Vision Church of Atlanta. An affirming church is one who affirms the full inclusion of the LGBT community (after all, Jesus loves the little children-ALL the children of the world…right?). I’ve made some very close connections with my church family and have made some friends that I believe will be lifelong. Needless to say within my church home I have tons of affirmation in regards to my religion and my sexual orientation. But the rest of the Christian community isn’t so accepting of all people. Christians have an awful reputation of being both judgmental and hypocritical as hell. With that being said I

have committed myself to being my personal best at being a better PR agent for my Main Man JC. Do I still enjoy a cocktail? Do I still curse? Do I still love the romantic company of other women? Yes, YES, and YES MA’AM! I do all of the aforementioned keeping, as the old folks say, “my mind stayed on Jesus”. Isn’t that the important part?! I treat people as I wish to be treated, I do not judge in cases in which I do not wish to have my life under scrutiny (judge not lest ye be judged) to reference a couple of the Good Book’s instructions. Yet and still my Christianity is placed under attack constantly by people who are wearing polyester (wearing mixed fabrics is a sin listed Leviticus 19:19) while eating shrimp (a thing of great detest according to Leviticus 11:12). How dare a polyester wearing shrimp eating Christian cast the first stone against my muff munching self?!

Now on to my Mother whom is my very best friend in the whole wide world… My Mother (whom I still call Mommy) and I are very close despite how she feels about my as she calls it “lifestyle choice”. Mommy has expressed concerns of me as she so eloquently put it “throwing my life away behind these women when a man would be more than happy to have you”. As you could imagine that was a bit harsh. Every time things do not go as planned my Mom automatically assumes it was behind some homosexual scandal I’m involved in. She has gone so far as to say I had to choose between my gayness and my walk with Christ. She told me that my church may frown upon my blogging and the language used and the subject matter. She went on to say that another church may not allow me to teach Sunday school as The Vision Church does (I absolutely LOVE teaching the Youth about the Love of Jesus). Now, my Mother is an awesome Mommy she is my reality check and also a financial parachute to say the least. With that said she is also very old school and doesn’t see things in the same way as I do; where Mommy sees a set standard I see possibility for change.

I do not have to choose between being a lesbian and Christ or being a Mommy’s girl and loving women- the only decision that I’ve made in this regard is to be the best Christian I can possibly be day by day. What I mean by this is today I am the BEST PR agent for Jesus Christ I have ever been and tomorrow I will be even better. My walk with Christ will be neither defined nor confined by anyone because no one has ever been in this exact journey but me.

Til Next time

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