My friend, my Ex

So, I as of late I’ve been very unromantically friendly with one of my exes. Since our traumatic breakup we have grown into friends. Often times when I’m in a difficult headspace she’s the first person I call. Little Miss Lesson Learned (fka Little Miss Crazytown) and I were together during a pretty grim time of my life which was of course an additional stressor outside of all the other crap that was going on between us. It’s honestly funny that after all the shit we went through now we can truly appreciate each other. We each have had tons of spiritual growth and learning and are no longer broken people. Its super dope to discover a friend in someone who in one capacity or another has always been around. Like legit, that’s my nigga! It was totally unexpected but Little Miss Lesson Learned is like a business confidant, a prayer partner, an encourager, and all around pal.
I know you pretend to hate my blog but whatever… If you read this just know I appreciate you. You are no longer the bad guy. I can’t retract any statements previously made because they were quite true to where we were at the time. Our truth now is that you are one of my favorite people and that’s the truth, Ruth!
Being mature enough to forgive someone who hurt you and wise enough to see their change and your own faults in the pain is a really good feeling!

My Feelings are best expressed through song.