31 and hella fun

So I just had a birthday and was super preoccupied with not having yet another shitty birthday. As you all may recall from previous birthday post my absentee father died on my birthday. It sucks mostly because him not being around before was his choice- Now it’s never going to happen. Anyway in efforts to refocus April 1st on me I try to have a day of nothing but shit I enjoy. Luckily for the woman I’m seeing my birthday fell on a Friday so it was the EeJay show for 3 whole days. I no longer enjoy becoming a year older as I’ve yet to accomplish things I’ve always wanted (kids, marriage). Like 31 is a real ass whole adult. Nevertheless, growing old is a privilege denied to many so I will make the best of it.
My birthday weekend was chill as fuck. Two of my favorite things in the world is champagne and Pizza. So the woman I’m seeing, took me to get a bottle of my favorite champagne and to build my own pizza (with eggplant and shrimp) and we watched movies in bed. It was super pleasing to not give in to popular demand and have a get together or a dinner. I said what I wanted to my Honey and she made it happen.
So that brings us to my resolutions… in year 31 I’m going to keep it simple.
As of right now…
Money in the bank makes me happy
Cooking makes me happy
My relationship with God makes me happy
Slay and Little Miss Lesbo makes me happy
Self-improvement makes me happy
Self-care keeps me happy
While this list is subject to change… I doubt it will. Living by a set of regimented rules and guidelines hasn’t worked for me so…fuck it. I’m choosing happiness over all else.