As I See It

the day doves cried

Like most 80’s Babies I was raised on Prince’s music (and movies), I vividly remember the 1991 MTV Awards and the yellow suit with the butt cheeks cut out, I even remember rolling my eyes at my Mom to the lyrics “maybe just like my mother-she’s never satisfied” (btw, she isn’t).
Prince’s passing made me realize just how influential he was on my generation- we honestly always had The Purple One.
When we felt as if just maybe we were too demanding we knew exactly what it felt like when doves cried
The times we liked someone who wasn’t facially gifted- we remembered “you don’t have to be beautiful to turn me on”
The love he spoke of in Adore has and will always will be our golden standard
Prince was a petite man who wore heels and ruffles- while still bagging some of the baddest ladies to ever walk the earth.
He told us that sometimes people are just gunna dog you out for simply being you in “Controversy”
We learned from Prince that its okay to want to be your sweethearts everything in “I wanna be your lover”
He told us that our love is enough to offer and thats just as precious as diamonds and pearls.


If nothing else Prince taught this little black girl from a white neighborhood that rules don’t apply to everyone and that might cause controversy. That both masculinity and femininity can exist in one hella sexy being and whomever is made to love me will adore it. That not one single fuck should be given cause I don’t have to let the elevator bring me down-when I get to the top the naysayers can kiss my bare ass. And most importantly (for me) that its okay to be sorta shy one moment then slay the scene on stage! That shade lies within the eyes and while you might keep it cute and on mute but a slight eye-roll into a mean side-eye will tell it all.

feelings are best expressed