As I See It

So much hate….

I’ve struggled for a few days with this post as I know I have a social responsibility as a LGBT blogger and as a human to speak out during times like this. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the immense amount of hate displayed at Pulse nightclub. Just knowing that we have people that lost in the world just breaks my heart. The pouring of salt on wounds is the worst part. The “Thank God- 50 less of ‘them’” the shockingly popular sentiment “See, we should stop ‘them’ from entering the United States” and lastly “’they’ got what ‘they’ deserved”. People ought to be more careful about who they so freely label “them”

“Them” referring to Homosexuals who “got what they deserve”

No! Just No! Homosexuality isn’t an instant “kill me” stamp nor are we made of the lowest of the low. I personally know some of the most kind, loving, freedom fighters, educators, people of GOD who all happen to be as gay as the day is long! Where would the world be without the gays who do great?

“Them” referring to ALL Muslims due to a handful sick individuals.

If I may…How dare any ‘American’ try to blanket ban any group from coming here?! Outside of Africans during the diaspora MOST American’s ancestors elected to come here. The Natives of the land welcomed immigrants with open arms to only be killed. So just stop it!!! The media is puppetizing us and we are allowing it. We are being made to fear and hate instead of love.

“They” as the victim of a mass shooting/hate crime/ terror attack  

December 14th 2012 the victims of a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary were mostly children. No one sends their baby to school thinking “today is the last day I will see my baby alive”. We quickly branded the shooter (who happened to be white, male and American) as mentally ill which almost gave him a pass (stay with me). We not only memorialized the victims but we also victimized the shooter. Through my research I have found that more times than not when terror is domestic and committed by a white male it is called an ‘incident’ rather than an attack.

I’m writing this because I’m both enraged and heart broken. I stand as an unashamed lesbian Christian woman who loves a Muslim woman. It is possible for me to be exactly who the hell I am because I live in light, freedom and love. Nothing will change that, ever. Before you heartlessly call anyone “they/them” remember at any moment you or someone you love can be “them” I personally am just a little tired of  praying for wherever is hurting at the moment (ie: Paris, Nigeria, Texas and Orlando) It’s time to pray for humanity, we need it.

God Bless

God is Love

whats going on?