From here on….

Fuck me, I’ve been distracted. So distracted in fact that I wrote a post singing the praises of a woman then deleted her post. Over the last month or so I’ve been revaluating my approach to romance… until I can figure out how to balance my creative life (LML and SLAY) and dating I will have to either date differently or not at all. Being that we all know I’m a lover of love- not dating seems far-fetched. So here goes dating differently.
I rarely date a woman who has an entrepreneurial mindset or even the capacity to understand one. Beyond having a “hustler’s ambition” creativity is at the base of my being- I’ve found that women who aren’t creative, artistic, or at the very least open minded can’t fully appreciate me, my blog, and my at times “larger than life” personality. “Leave me off your blog” isn’t an option little mama!!! If you play your cards right nothing unfavorable will be written about you. I recently have had romantic dealings with a woman who said two things that just didn’t fit for me 1. “I like you, but you live your life too publicly” (I told her about LML and SLAY from the jump). 2. “You have a tendency to live on 10 and I’m around a 3- could you turn it down for me?” It’s in my nature to respect people’s opinions even if they may be hurtful to me. I didn’t spazz- She respects my monetary endeavors she just has less appreciation for my creative outlet.
What I’ve learned from not just the most recent woman I’ve been dating but from EVERY woman I’ve ever dated that there has to be some ground rules set. So here they are as it pertains to me and dating
1. Be supportive- you don’t have to understand or agree but still root for my victory.
2. Speak to and encourage all (or most) sides of me- I’m a multifaceted wonder-ball. Leaving parts of me unattended or ignored will simply not work for me.
3. Lay your shit bear in the beginning, cause I do-I don’t hide my blog, my party, my depression recovery process, my Multiple Sclerosis, or anxiety.
4. Ready yourself- I am a fun ride, don’t get on and complain about the zig zags, put on your seatbelt. We can pray together AND LETS GO!
5. I am an artist and I can be sensitive about my shit.
6. Know that this list is built with an elasta-clause. It will be expanding and shrinking as need be
7. Know this: “I’m a star how could I not shine”?!

Right now I’m living my life in a way I never thought possible. I’m happy, I’m curating a party that is a safe and fun place for the LGBTQ community, I have a stellar group of friends… MAMA IS OUT HERE WINNING! I already have a beautiful woman on my team who isn’t really feeling my creativity and grind but she’s my Mommy and I wouldn’t replace her for ANYTHING!!! Fuck I look like accepting that from an optional partner?! My victory may not look like yours but that fine, just “DON’T TRYTA SLOW ME DOWN”

Till next time


 My feelings are best expressed through song.