Side B

that one time I broke my ankle

Okay, no excuses… I’ve been kind of out of touch. On October 30th around 7:45 pm I broke my ankle. YES, as I excitedly readied myself for Halloween I had 5 steps to make on the 4th step my ankle was like “this is where I leave you girl ” It was hella random! I heard it break… it sounded like a branch snapping. It hurt like hell! I knew it was broken my roommate told me I was being dramatic and she swore it was a bad sprain. I got an x-ray 2 or 3 days later revealing that I’d need surgery to repair a pretty severe break and displacement. I cried- It was a tough pill to swallow seeing as though I’d never broken a bone and the only surgery I’ve ever had was having my wisdom teeth removed.

I met with an Orthopedic Surgeon who told me he’d patch me up with 2 screws and a plate in a surgery that should take 1.5 hrs. I had to let some of the swelling go down and I was given pain meds (Opioids- sadly) and I was put in a fiberglass splint for 2 weeks while I waited for my surgery date.

Surgery day was wild I insisted on arriving early and they were running late… they couldn’t get my I.V in (common, but annoying AF). I was irritable and Hungry (they starved me out) Once a lovely anesthesiologist was finally able to locate a vein (nearly 45 minutes behind schedule) it was go time- a nurse added a “cocktail” to my I.V. and I tearfully told my Mom I loved her and apologized for being such an insufferable bitch. They wheeled me into the Operating Room had me get on to the operating table (shit was getting real!) and the last thing I remember was being told to breathe deeply while the nurse came towards me with a breathing mask. I woke up nearly 3 hours later (surgery took a little over 2 hours* as the damage was worse than the X-ray showed I needed 2 plates and 6 screws) rubbing my chest frowning I was asking for my Mom. A lovely southern woman was looking at me almost as if she was waiting for me she said “ooohh heeeey baby!! you want your Mooommmm?” I sat up still rubbing my chest and said yes she explained my chest hurt because of the breathing tube they use. Blah blah blah I got in my wheelchair (I named her Wheelisha) my mom rolled me out I saw my sisters (aww) and I headed home. I was foggy due to the sedation still being in my system and hella emotional! I demanded water and a sandwich I cried a lot. I then realized Percoset wasn’t a fun drug. It had me an emotional wreck until I weaned myself off of it.

Honorable mention to the Ex formally known as Blanket for spending a day with me, my Homie Jai for coming to chill and bringing me edibles, and my new friend Little Miss Trouble (deets one day) for kicking it with me while I’ve been “sick and shut in”.

As of now- I‘m okay and healing up wonderfully (outside of looking like Frankenstein)I am not walking, I probably won’t walk until Christmas. I am exercising my right leg as much as possible- cause atrophy is REAL and set in within a month of injury. I don’t love the NorCo they have me on and I only use it when I can’t take the pain; furthermore, I can’t drink and take it. I get around on a knee scooter I call ScooTina (that is a fucking workout!) I’m still not really comfortable enough to go out while injured. Everyone wants to talk about my obvious injury even strangers- I try my best to be polite. I’m officially suffering from cabin fever and can’t stop buying shoes and makeup online. Life has been slow and I’ve had to practice a ton of mindfulness and self-care in order to avoid slipping into depression.

Whoever has my voodoo doll could you cut it out?! Lol, ENOUGH ALREADY!

I’m alright yall