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Who made this shit up?! Stud “rules” and why they suck

    After much conversation about this topic with my stud friends I think it’s time to delve in to the sticky sweet waters which is “studdom”. I feel it’s a quagmire of a topic because there are so many unwritten crazy rules to the game that are somehow in concrete yet concurrently fluid. Being a ladyboy lover myself I know there are some difficulties I’ve encountered breaking “rules” that were unknown to me and it’s been frustrating to say the least. I think this is a problem that plagues the black lesbian community more than other lesbian communities because for some strange reason we are often hung up on maintaining heteronormative gender roles despite both parties being female (baby, there’s no need for one of us to be the “Man” in the relationship). Let me go on record and say no part of me wants to identify as a stud, dom, AG etc; so I don’t relate to feeling the need to exert my dominance in a relationship outside of being a Boss Ass Bitch. Most of my friends are more masculine than I am just because a lot of feminine chicks tend to be too catty for me. Today we will discuss some unwritten rules of Studdom and why it’s silly.

    • Silly Ass Unwritten Stud Commandments and why they should get them the FOH
      Thou shall not have a wrap hair style or tracks – why not?! If Mama wants her hair to flow in the wind or to look like Vampire in Brooklyn let her do her thing
    • Studs shall not walk through a door that’s held upon by a femme. What kind of fuckshit is this?! Ain’t you a woman? Don’t you deserve to be treated like a lady?
    • Thou shall not get penetrated- that’s silly as fuck- vaginas are built to receive so if a ladyboy wants her hole to be filled by fingers or a faux penis that’s her and her mates business. I personally don’t crave penis and get frustrated when its insinuated that it’s my job to take the D!
    • Studs shall not show emotion- FUCK THAT! I don’t even accept that from men. If you feel a way let it be known: you’re hurt? Say ouch! You sad bitch?! Cry!!
    • Thou shall no get any pleasure. STOP IT! let me kiss on it… she dont be bored?!
      As the more masculine partner you must do the holding, never shall you be the little spoon. BITCH PLEASE! I will little spoon you and hold you like I’m the “nigga” quick- I like a little something for me to hold as a drift into a slumber
      AGs shouldn’t wear makeup- if mama wants beat to her face that’s her business! A lot of yall could benefit from a spot concealer regimine!
    • Thou shall not hug your stud brethren as you do your feme sisteren- bull shit. If you’re happy to see your good judy give that ho a hug!
    • Studliness will be under scrutiny if thou dates another masculine identified females…. I get it it’s not “heteronormative” however, no matter the wrapper its still a woman! How is it that two femes is hot and two studs is frowned upon?! DUMB!!! Love is love and we can’t expect the world to accept our community if we reject parts of it!!

    Go out and shake some shit up- hell “labels are for clothes, not people” right? Let’s not perpetuate this silly cycle of goofy ass rules. Be you,matter of fact be unapologetically you- you wanna wear boxer briefs AND a full face beat go on witcha badself!! You like to be penetrated? That’s cool it’s your vag get what you like! I hold these truths to be self-evident . Again, we can’t talk equality and acceptance with the masses if we can’t achieve it at home.

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