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    Whats in a DAB? The older I get the more I find that there are less people who are governed by loyalty than I thought. Sometime in 2009 I came up with my life motto “If you’re not a down…

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    The dangers of e-crushing

    We all have fallen victim to crushing: be it a short lived crush or one that lasts years; its human nature really. You see someone you find visually appealing and then you become infatuated with them. Its all cute and…

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    alone NOT lonely

    ok, I am a recovering relationship addict… for the most part of my adult life I’ve been in committed relationships. When I’m not in a relationship I’m usually booed up in some capacity. This became so evident that a friend…

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    Hearts aren’t for thinking!!!

    I am romantic by nature. I’m not talking about that corny red roses and candle light crap. I’m talking dates outside on a grassy hill where we snack on homemade foods and wine while Al Green plays in the background…

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    What is closure?

    *disclaimer* This post isn’t funny- hardly witty and wont be jammed packed with cursing- I’m improving on me-if you’re not interested in personal growth of yourself/others this isn’t for you. As always… IT AINT FOR EVERYBODY I personally have a…

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    Bitches be Crazy, no?

    Ok sorry for the hiatus- I honestly just didn’t have much to talk about. Until recently that is. After having an unwarranted cyber run in with a crazy ass female I thought to myself… “gay bitches are nuts!” Like even…